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Three Stooges Best of 1943 - Part 2

Published on Jul 27, 2019
Mark Blair
Three Stooges Best of 1943 - Part 2

"Those loco Americanos - The Three Stooges."

Please come in and join the other 2,800 Puddin' Heads to view the second part of my favorites scenes from the Three Stooges shorts made in 1943.

Personally, I think 1943 was the high water mark of the Curly era for the amount of hilarious scenes.

The Shorts in this mash- up are:

- Three Little Twirps
- Higher Than a Kite
- Dizzy Pilots
- Phony Express
- A Gem of a Jam

NOTE: I couldn't find anything that struck me as stand out funny in "I can hardly wait".. so it is not represented in this mash-up.