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The SILLIEST of Birds | Showcasing their silly side

Published on Jul 5, 2019
Chucklesome Creatures
The SILLIEST of Birds | Showcasing their silly side

Birds love to be silly too. But they do it with feathers, bobbing, sqwarking and sometimes talking!

👍 Animals love to play.. think, feel and love.. like us! Thank you to these awesome insta authors who captured this. Credit goes to: @wildlifeanimals, @pets.got.talents, @ennalies, @snoweethecockatoo, @pigeonsdoingthings, @aquaticland, @prettyanimalls, @babyanimalspictures, @animalovestory, @round.animals, @lovinganimals.dg, @cats_for_happy_life, @discover.animal, @instanimals, @birb_memes, @the_pets_arena, @cub.animals, @cutieoninsta, @devothesun, @animal_vp, @earthnworld, @wildlifepassengers, @wildpassengers, @picklesthecockatoo, @instagramanimals, @_k_m_p_p, @bestvines, @whatcha.doin.tiki, @feelingfeed, @animalmir, @animals_zoofun, @wild_life_85, @fawazz82, @twiddlefrack, @planetwildlifeanimals, @travelinwildlife, @animallove.co, @aboutnaturelife, @that_caique_shadow, @planetnatureanimals. Please follow them if you love birbs! Email me at [email protected] for requests like song ID, credit correction, clip submission and removal.

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