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The Glitch - A Short Horror Film (2017)

Published on Jan 29, 2017
The Glitch - A Short Horror Film (2017)

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After being dropped off by her boyfriend, Melanie soon discovers she is not alone in her house.

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The Glitch is a short horror film written & directed by Kyle Godfrey created as a proof of concept for a feature film. It revolves around a mystical being that haunts it's victim through the use of their phone. A feature length project would be expanded into a further look on how the phone came to be haunted and what connections it has to the main character. The viewers would soon find that the Glitch is an extraterrestrial being with a message.

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Director: Kyle Godfrey http://www.instagram.com/stromedykyle/

Assistant Director: David Ajibodu

Written By: Kyle Godfrey
Co-Written By: David Ajibodu, Reynard Guia, Matthew Hedden
Screenplay By: Kyle Godfrey
Edited By: Kyle Godfrey
Sound & Audio: Matthew Hedden, Reynard Guia, Kyle Godfrey
Production Assistants: David Ajibodu, Matthew Hedden, Reynard Guia,
BTS: Matthew Hedden, Reynard Guia, David Ajibodu

Kyle Godfrey @stromedykyle
David Ajibodu @theajitv
Matthew Hedden @matt_hedden
Reynard Guia @reybythebay

Blaise Crocker @blaiseabeth
Keanu Lee @nuneskeanu

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