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Tangled: The Origin Of The Sundrop and Moonstone

Published on Apr 27, 2019

Tangled: The Origin Of The Sundrop and Moonstone

Everything You Need To Know About The Powers Of The Sundrop And Moonstone In Tangled
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The season finale of “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” left us completely shocked! We were not expecting Cassandra’s betrayal when it was time for Rapunzel to take the Moonstone. The Sundrop and the Moonstone have been talked about a lot in the “Tangled” series. But it’s hard to figure out exactly what they are and how they work. We’ve put together a guide for you to totally understand the Sundrop Flower and Moonstone Opal. Their history goes back all the way to the “Tangled” movie!

In this latest video from TheThings, we will explain where these two magical objects came from. We’ll talk about their powers and how they can be used. And we will also explain the prophecy that unites them! All of next season hinges on the powers of these two enchanted objects. Catch up on all the details in this video! For more great content, hit that subscribe button.

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