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StarCraft 2 The Trilogy - 4K Movie - inc Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm & Legacy of the Void

Published on May 16, 2018
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StarCraft 2 The Trilogy - 4K Movie - inc Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm & Legacy of the Void

Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm - The Movie Extended Cut

Starcraft 2 The Trilogy in Four Parts (4K MOVIE) Wings of Liberty / Heart of the Swarm, Whispers of Oblivion and Legacy of the Void

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Experience the a collection of ALL #cinematic cutscenes from Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty, Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm and Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void (including the prologue "Whispers of Oblivion") for your enjoyment

~Table of Contents~
00:11 "The Deal" - #Tychus findlay & Arcturus #Mengsk
03:47 Jim #Raynor "Public Enemy"
05:23 "Old Times" - #tychusfindlay & #JimRaynor
07:58 "Escape from Mar Sara" #Zerg Attack
09:50 Sarah #Kerrigan "Queen of Blades
11:54 "Zeratul's Warning"
13:40 "The Betrayal" of #SarahKerrigan by #ArcturusMengsk
16:18 "Who We Choose To Be" Matt Horner
17:39 "The Prophecy" #Zeratul Vs Kerrigan
21:46 "A Better Tomorrow" #Tosh frees all the Political Prisoners
24:09 "Hearts And Minds" Matt & Jim celebrate catching Mengsk in #Scandal
26:08 #Nova Vs Tosh
27:49 "Heir Apparent" Enter Valerian Mengsk
30:24 "Bar Fight" Tychus Findlay Vs Jim Raynor #SweetHomeAlabama
34:18 "Dangerous Game" Arcturus Vs Valerian
37:00 "Card to Play" Raynor Saves General #Warfield
39:30 Fire & Fury
43:06 The Final "Showdown" between Raynor Vs Tychus ("Wings of Liberty" Ending Cinematic)
46:08 Swarm ("Heart of The Swarm" Opening Cinematic)
48:36 Hopes & fears
51:28 Get It Together
53:59 Choices
56:01 Transmission
58:56 Birthworld "Heart of the Swarm - Primal Zerg Cinematic"
1:01:10 Conscience
1:03:34 Reborn
1:04:52 Shifting Perspective "Kerrigan vs Narud - Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Cinematic"
1:07:51 Believe In Me
1:09:37 Korhal Assault / Ascension ("Heart of The Swarm" Ending Cinematic)
1:14:33 Trail of Secrets ("Whispers of Oblivion" Opening Cinematic)
1:16:12 Sigma Quadrant
1:16:23 A Prophecy Revealed ("Whispers of Oblivion" Ending Cinematic)
1:17:13 Unity ("Legacy of the Void" Opening Cinematic)
1:20:05 Reclamation / For Auir
1:22:34 Zeratul's Vision / The Growing Shadow
1:24:47 Chains (that Bind) "Starcraft 2 - Zeratul Vs Artanis - Legacy of the Void Cinematic"
1:28:00 Rescue (Meet Karax)
1:29:53 Spear Of Adun / Arkship
1:31:37 Alone - Artanis Vs ALL the Zerg
1:33:56 Brother's In Arms / Warriors (Meet Raynor)
1:36:54 Unlikely Allies - "Starcraft 2 - Kerrigan vs Artanis vs Zerg-Protoss Hybrid - Legacy of the Void Cinematic "
1:39:36 Entombed - "Starcraft 2 - Amon Vs Kerrigan Vs Artantis - Legacy of the Void Cinematic "
1:41:28 Unshackled
1:44:00 The Path of the Warrior
1:45:41"Legacy of The Void" Ending Cinematic
1:49:00 An Unexpected Meeting ("Into the Void" Epilogue Cinematic)
1:51:33 Last Shepherd of the Cycle (Meet the Xel'Naga)
1:54:00 Cycle's End - Kerrigan & Raynor Last Kiss
1:55:59 Homecoming - Kerrigan Vs Amon ("Into the Void" Ending Cinematic)

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Video edited & uploaded by mr.dougan

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