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Streamed live on Aug 15, 2019

Hiya! ♡

My name is Sar ♡

I’m from the kingdom | Pisces 90s baby☽ | Cosmetologist | Obsessed with Lara Croft ♡

I speak 4 languages including arabic ( my dads arabic ) and Urdu and some Korean ♡

I been gaming ever since I can remember My all times favorite games/series are

Tomb Raider | Silent Hill | Devil May Cry | Resident Evil ♡ ∞ | in that order

I enjoy competitive games I also love trophy hunting it calms me down somehow

I mainly play Overwatch, fortnite, call of duty, uncharted 4, destiny | in that order

So I’ll be streaming a lot of those on here alongside other games I like.

This is how username is pronounced Lara’s xo’s

xoxo ♡

My family on here are my nuggets ♡
If you like what you see make sure to hit the subscribe button and turn my notifications on to be notified whenever I stream or upload ♡ xo

If you don't like me and still watch everything I do, honey you're a fan okurr💋