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Overwatch: The COMPLETE Winston Mastery Guide

Published on Jan 28, 2019
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Overwatch: The COMPLETE Winston Mastery Guide

Today's video goes over everything you need to know about Winston. The complete range of his skillset and plays you need for mastery of the character. Far more mechanical play than you might think, as securing kills with the character will skyrocket you past the lower ranks if you master some key ways to increase your damage output, but also as well, the massive plays that can be made just on the objective alone without hardly doing any damage at all. We may forget, that Winston was hands down the best main tank in the game for the better part of a year prior to Brigitte's release and with GOATs nerfs continuing as well as a potential damage buff to Winston vs Armor, Winston is starting to creep back in as being the more preferred option (and already is in many cases even in GOATs comp to counter DPS picks). Altogether, Winston simply isn't going anywhere, he's one of the best heroes to add into your Overwatch hero pool because he can do so much for the team. If you enjoyed this video and found it useful, please be sure to leave it a like and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss our next upload!

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