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Overwatch: The COMPLETE Lucio Mastery Guide

Published on Oct 21, 2017
Your Overwatch
Overwatch: The COMPLETE Lucio Mastery Guide

Lucio has been a mainstay in pro play for a long long time so today we have mad an entire mastery advanced guide for you! Unlocking his power comes with a lot of mechanical skill as well as gamesense making him to be one of the highest potential skill cap heroes in the game in our estimation. Boop, barrier and blast your way to victory with Lucio, the hero that enables Overwatch play in a way no other hero can! *Recent pro meta trends indicate that his pickrate is plummeting in the Mercy meta, however upon careful VoD reviews of these pro games the gap of Lucio's absence shines through and we believe there will be a resurgence of Lucio picks when pros realize the speed boost utility is a must-have on some attacking maps especially. A controversial opinion atm, but one that we think will be proven correct with enough trial and error on this new mercy patch. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to leave it a like!

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