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New K-Pop Songs | February 2020 (Week 2)

Published on Feb 12, 2020
K-Ville Entertainment
New K-Pop Songs | February 2020 (Week 2)

It's time to discover new K-Pop artists, witness rookies rise to the top, celebrate when our legends come back, and die of shock when an unexpected comeback happens! These are your New K-Pop Songs from February 7th 2020 - February 12th, 2020! VOTE on the K-Pop Songs Chart here: ► http://hoaclip.com/show-clip-zamwbeFPMYX_A

This week we have new #KPOP songs from #PENTAGON, #KARD, #TheBoyz, #CherryBullet, #RocketPunch, #BLACK6IX and so much more!

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Songs Included:

PENTAGON – “Dr. Bebe”
KARD – “Red Moon”
THE BOYZ – “Reveal”
BLACK6IX – “Call My Name”
SUMIN + ZION.T – “Dirty Love”
SAMUEL SEO – “Coastal Wave”
V.O.S – “I Miss You”