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Nate Pencilmate Underground Journey - Adventure Cartoon Movies - Animated Short Films

Premiered Oct 12, 2019
Nate Pencilmate
Nate Pencilmate Underground Journey - Adventure Cartoon Movies - Animated Short Films

Nate Pencilmate Underground Journey - Adventure Cartoon Movies

0:00 Nate Pencilmate Journey to the center of the earth
Pencilmate’s golden fish got sucked into the sewer. Nate Pencilmate jumped right in to save his fish, will he succeed? What is he going find down there?
1:49 Nate Pencilmate Got Talented
$10000 in cash for the one who got talented. Nate Pencilmate decided to join, can he make his dream come true?
4:10 When your dog wants to be an artist
Nate’s Dog wants to be an artist, the real one like Bob Ross, so he trains so hard, everything turns out good at the beginning!
6:29 Psyduck Loses Control
My favourtie Pokemon, Psyduck, will show its power and destroy everything
9:00 Life-changing Baber Shop
Nate Pencilmate went in a baber shop, at first it was just hair cut and everything but…

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