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Malamal 2019 | Tomorrow Promo | Tarang Game Show

Published on May 17, 2019
Tarang TV
Malamal 2019 | Tomorrow Promo | Tarang Game Show

Malamal is a game show of Tarang channel. Through this we are not supporting any gambling. Market rate of prizes showing in the show may vary.1st Round : Selection and Jackpot : 1st round will be selection round and just like fastest first finger anchor will call participants on stage and will ask some funny/ absurd social questions and the person who give best answer will be the 1st player of the round. She/ He will be asked to choose one Pandora box out of many and guess what is inside the box. Whereas the boxes may have some cash money, a gift packet or may be a blank thanks note. On the basis of her/his perfect guess participant will be chosen as winner of that round. 2nd Round : Shift your luck : In this round participants will be asked to share luck with a successful celebrity and play fortune wheel game. Condition the celebrity will tell (may be directly on stage or through led audio visual ) a number or alphabet. Participants has to move the wheel, if the arrow stays on the number / or alphabet participants gets a surprise gift. 3rd Round : Sale your Question : Anchor puts his next question and participants will be advised to sell the question to an audience. Audience will seat with their name placard. The participants will be asked to bargain the question according to his comfortable price. If the audience will give wrong answer he will leave the show. If audience give right answer he has to share money with them. 4th Round : Shop & Swipe : Including winner all defeated participants will be given a list of product to purchase within a specific time. (The list may carry the list of groceries, baby kid’s product, bath room and toilet product or may be kitchen items. According to the list they will be asked to find the product from its place, and bag it within a short time. The fastest first perfectionist will be chosen as winner of that round. Tarang TV is one of the prominent entertainment channels in Odisha. So sit back relax and enjoy. Watch the full episode now!

Every Sunday at 9:30 p.m. Only on Tarang TV.

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