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Life Science for Kids - Photosynthesis, Cells, Food Chains & More

Published on Aug 24, 2018

Rock 'N Learn
Life Science for Kids - Photosynthesis, Cells, Food Chains & More

Here's an exciting way to learn important facts and get ready for a life science test! Marko the Pencil and his friend Bailey take learners on a fascinating journey to Marko's Super Science Station where it's easy and fun to grasp science concepts and boost test scores. This science video for kids covers photosynthesis, plant parts, butterfly lifecycle, plant and animal cells, food chains, food webs, and more!

Features animation by Scott Cawthon and voices and Luci Christian. You can jump to a section of the video with these links:

00:05 Introduction to Life Science
01:26 Plants and Photosynthesis
02:37 Parts of a Plant
02:50 Roots
03:40 Stems
03:57 Xylem and Phloem Cells
04:57 Rubbert Plant’s Song
06:27 Leaves
06:57 Parts of a Flower and Pollination
08:30 Fruit and Seeds
10:17 Life Cycle of a Butterfly
12:49 Characteristics of Animal Groups
17:42 Plant Cells and Animal Cells
22:30 Ecosystems
23:43 Food Chains
25:47 Food Webs
27:50 Genetic Adaptation
29:39 Genetic Traits

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