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Published on Sep 21, 2018

If you are a fan of the 24 hours challenges of FAMILY FUN PACK and its members Michael, Owen, Alyssa, David, Zac, Chris, Kristine and Matt, you must watch today's video!


Family Fun Pack is a fun-having family of five children that are making waves on YouTube! They are well-known for their exciting family friendly adventures and content that both parents and their children can enjoy. You may know them from their top hits such as "We Filled OUR ENTIRE Pool with the World's Largest Pool Float!!" or any of their other top viral hits. Keep watching for our list of 10 Things You Didn't Know about Family Fun Pack!

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#10. Family Fun Pack Wasn't Supposed to Go Viral!
When Kristine, the mo of Family Fun Pack first started, she just wanted to have an easy way to share funny videos of her kids with her friends and family! When she uploaded her first video to YouTube, she never expected it to go viral - it now has more than 70 million views. Who would of that that one video could lead to such huge success!

#9. Taking a Chance with Studio71
You may not have known that now that Family Fun Pack has gotten so popular they have actually partnered with Studio71. This could mean opportunities for collaboration with people like The Rock! It's going to be so exciting to see what is going to come next for Family Fun Pack!

#8. They Live in California!
Kristine and the rest of the family like to keep mostly private about more specific and personal details about their life, but they have shared with us that they live in California! Maybe they will tell us more in the future?

#7. Keeping Things Private
As just mentioned, the whole Family Fun Pack family makes their safety and privacy their very top priority. They have even gone so far as to use different last names at various places such as at school and in public.

#6. Their Fans are Loyal!
Family Fun Pack has climbed to number 19 in SocialBlade! It is clear that they have extremely loyal fan base which keeps growing everyday. Sky's the limit!

#5. The Kids Have the Choice!
While Kristine has chosen to keep the full name identity of her children private, she has claimed that she would feel comfortable with them revealing their full names in the future if they wish. It's going to be up to the kids if they want to do YouTube for themselves!

#4. Twinning!
You probably know that Zac and Chris are identical twins, but do you know their age? As of right now they are both seven years old.

#3. Filters on Comments
The Family Fun Pack team stays clear from haters by putting filters on their comment sections. The family just doesn't want to subject their children to that kind of hate, which is pretty smart parenting.

#2. Nicknames
Aunt Heather's favorite nickname is "Hehe"! Michael and Owen even have some of their own funny nicknames too - if you are a true fan, write them in the comments below!

#1. Puppy Power!
The canine members of Family Fun Pack are the adorable Kona and Hana. The lovely pair of golden retrievers are eight and two years old!

Who is your favorite Family Fun pack member? Let us know in the comments below!

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