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Euro-Fun Matinee: Madame Olga's Pupils (1981)

Published on Dec 11, 2018
Deranged Visions
Euro-Fun Matinee: Madame Olga's Pupils (1981)

You want rare? How about a total of 54 votes and 1 user review on imdb.com?

Plus, this has all the tawdry stuff done in loving soft-focus with a hint of British reserve. The director, José Ramón Larraz, has a rather impressive CV. He made the incredible VAMPYRES along with a couple of films I can't post here (though I did try). He has a rather interesting way of developing the characters so that you end up identifying with at least one.

We'll be coming home for the holidays with the next Christmas upload, and, yes, there was a major hint right in there.

Enjoy!! And thank you all for supporting this channel. Please, tell all your friends who are just a bit weird in their film interests. The more film fans, the better.