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Escape from Helgen - A Skyrim Adventure Movie with Inigo

Premiered Aug 13, 2019
Escape from Helgen - A Skyrim Adventure Movie with Inigo

Escape from Helgen. A Skyrim Adventure Movie with Inigo.
Episode 1 of The New Adventures of Inigo & Colin.

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Gaming & recording setup:
55 inch Panasonic TV
Elgato HD60s
MacBook Pro
Hyper X Quadcast Microphone
Hyper X Cloud headset
Elgato Green Screen
Mount Dog Lights
Videos edited with iMovie

Mods used in this video, in load order:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
60 FPS Interface (All-In-One)
Modern Brawl Bug Fix
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Enhanced Texture Detail
High Poly Project by LucidAPs
Skyland Balanced - A Landscape Texture Overhaul
Immersive Civil War Cleanup (XB1)
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Jiub's Opus & Arvak's Skull Quest Markers
Realistic Animal Loot [XB1]
Dead NPC Cleaner by SOT Team
Less Tedious Thieves Guild
T41's - Detect Fallen (Xbox1 Edition)
Efficient Perk Overhaul (EPO) [XBOX ONE]
Cheat Room (XB1)
The Power of the Dragonborn - DragonSouls (XB1)
The Fire Within - Shouts Power
Immortal Dragonborn
Amazing Follower Tweaks
TLS Eye Blink And Body Language
Guard Dialogue Overhaul - No Extra NPCs (XB1)
The Eyes of Beauty - Improved Eye Reflections
AOF Believable Hair
[XB1] Surreal Lighting
Divine Embers HD by mindflux
Enhance Interior Graphics
GET No More Dead Merchants (A Game Environment Tweaks mod)
[XBONE] Hearthfire Display Case Fix
Neutral Hjerim [Xbox One]
[XB1] Rich Merchants of Skyrim: Special Edition
Oblivious Horses - Essential with Speed and Stamina Tweaked
No BS AI Projectile Dodge!
Skyrealism - Shiny {Better Shaped Weapons Edition}
Ars Metallica
USSEP Ebony Blade Tempering Restored (Xbox One)
More Growable Plants
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
RDO - AFT Patch
Realistic Water Two (XB1)
[XB1] Insignificant Object Remover
XP32 Maximum Skeleton+Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Color patches remover
Dawnguard Map Markers

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