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Cedy & Will Omit - Koh Muh (Coma) [Electronic Dance Pop Music]

Published on Nov 10, 2019
Cedy & Will Omit - Koh Muh (Coma) [Electronic Dance Pop Music]

🔊 Cedy & Will Omit - Koh Muh (Coma)
» Genre: Dance / Electronic / Deep House
» Label: Alpha & Omega RCDS
» Length: 3:44
» Released: 2019-10-10
» Buy: http://amzn.to/2NUnrtJ

Cedy ✪ Belgium
At the age of 22 I am happy to be travelling the world to do something I love, with people who love the same thing. It is an incredible feeling to put a smile on so many faces using nothing but music and a mic!

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Will Omit ✪ Antwerp, Belgium
Tom Van Tricht a.k.a. Will Omit is a 19 year old DJ and producer based in Antwerp Belgium, starting as a photographer and filmmaker on festivals he slowly gained knowledge of the music industry and decided to use his knowledge of filmmaking, art and

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