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Alien Planets Discovery Documentary - Alien Stom - Space Science

Premiered Jun 14, 2019
How the Universe Works
Alien Planets Discovery Documentary - Alien Stom - Space Science

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At the centre of some black holes is 'an area where space and time exists' Colonies of aliens living on planets within black holes may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Some black holes have a complex internal structure that allows photons, particles and planets to orbit a central singularity, according to one scientist. A singularity is the region in a black hole when space and time become infinite. However, Professor Vyacheslav Dokuchaev claims that at the centre of certain black holes, and under the right conditions, is an area where the fabric of space and time exists once more. If a charged and rotating black hole is large enough, he said, it can weaken the tidal forces that are beyond the event horizon - the point where nothing, not even light, can escape a black hole's gravity.