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BASKETBALL FIRST PERSON part 2 | Basketball training | Playing 3 on 3

Published on Jul 14, 2019

BASKETBALL FIRST PERSON part 2 | Basketball training | Playing 3 on 3

Continued video recorded by basketball players with Go Pro 7 camera attached to their heads (99% of the time, it's me). This is a great opportunity to see the game of basketball through the eyes of the player.

We train and play basketball 3 by 3, as well as 2 by 3. In the video there will again be throws from above (slam dunks), passes, rebounds, three-pointers and a certain amount of lazhi). You asked not to mute the speech, so get it.

We are amateurs who are far from in their best sports form. So be indulgent.

The first part of the video: http://hoaclip.com/show-clip-zauAvXN...

Answers to the most popular questions from part 1:
1. Is the ring standard?
Answer: The ring is either standard or slightly lower. He didn’t measure himself, but in the hall of the University there are ASB games and so on.

2. Why is everyone so slow / nobody is being defended?
Answer: the guys are defending themselves, but superstacks are on the camera to avoid shaking and flickering. Therefore, it creates the feeling that everyone stands in his posts. The camera has no peripheral vision, as a person therefore cannot see how people run parallel to me. Also smoothed all feints and sharp movements. Otherwise it is impossible to watch because of the twitching.

3. Do you give (slaughter from above)? What your height?
Answer: Danke is not mine. Height 178 cm

4. Why is the throw strange?
Answer: I am Lonzo Ball (no). The camera is fixed on the forehead and it greatly interferes with the throw. Giving up on outstretched hands. But yes, my throw is strange.